Strategic projects

Your communications challenge is our Monday morning motivator, as we draw out potential and troubleshoot problems on behalf of clients across multiple sectors. 

From crisis management to brand building in the media, we provide in-depth strategic consultancy that is bespoke to the needs of each client.

How can we help to optimise your communications?

Building reputation

Be seen. Use our expertise in strategy and key message development to raise the profile of your company in the media or on key social platforms. Commission thought-leader articles and press releases, for example,  or bespoke media training.

Crisis management

Task us with developing a comms strategy to mitigate a future crisis scenario, or lean on our specialist support to help you navigate a current emergency. Retain us for peace of mind, to future-proof your communications.

Brand identity

Engage us as brand identity consultants, developing your marketplace voice, values and positioning. Alternatively, empower your marketing team by bringing our brand identity workshop in-house.

Pitch or presentation development

Engage your audience when it really matters. Develop and deliver a standout presentation for a specific occasion, drawing on our expertise in combining words and images to create talks with lasting impact.

Stakeholder engagement

Prioritise people: tell us who you need to reach and why, and we’ll devise a communications strategy to make it happen – from facilitating internal organisational change to external relationship-building with target groups.

The single biggest problem in communication is the illusion that it has taken place.