Workshop pricing

Choose between:

In-person workshops at your office
Our preferred approach, this option doubles your return on investment because it builds teams as well as individuals. 

Our virtual classroom
For occasions when it just isn’t possible to gather in person – for example, because the team operates internationally.

In-person workshops at your office

We’ll bring the training to you. If you are happy to provide a meeting room and refreshments, we’ll do the rest. We’ll equip your employees and strengthen your teams using in-depth and interactive content.

Choose any two topic modules for a half-day workshop, or all four modules for a full-day workshop.

Number of attendeesHalf-day workshopFull-day workshop
Up to 6£890 (£148pp)£1,100 (£183pp)
Up to 12£1,005 (£84pp)£1,250 (£104pp)
Up to 18£1,135 (£63pp)£1,410 (£78pp)
Up to 24£1,285 (£54pp)£1,595 (£66pp)
Up to 30£1,450 (£48pp)£1,795 (£60pp)
Up to 36£1,640 (£46pp)£2,035 (£57pp)
Prices exclude VAT. For larger groups, please contact us. Fee includes travel to locations in or near Cambridge UK.

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Our virtual classroom

At first glance, online is often more convenient – but we would encourage you to switch to an in-person workshop if at all possible. Where teams typically operate remotely or via hybrid working, opportunities to build relationships through in-person training become particularly valuable.

Choose one module per virtual training session.

Number of attendeesSingle moduleAdditional module, scheduled
within 30 days of the first
Up to 6£390 (£65pp)£370
Up to 12£440 (£36pp)£420
Up to 18£495 (£28pp)£470
Up to 24£560 (£23pp)£535
Up to 30£635 (£21pp)£605
Up to 36£720 (£20pp)£685
Prices exclude VAT. For larger groups, please contact us. All cameras must be 'on' to encourage full participation.

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Very informative and interactive; useful tools and strategies to take away.

The team's favourite session on our away day.

Excellent content and delivery. Very practical and encouraging.

Very topical and useful to everyone. Time went quickly!