Peak Flow:

Delivering talks that inspire your peers

Average speakers inform; the best speakers inspire.

Anyone can stand up and give a talk or presentation, but it takes skill to deliver one that holds listeners’ attention from start to finish. We go one better: we equip team members to deliver inspirational presentations, that remain memorable once the audience has left the room.

Whether you and your colleagues are presenting at summits, giving flash talks or explaining posters, we’ll provide the development space, practical expertise and theoretical underpinning to help take your verbal and visual communication to the next level.

Workshop content

Choose from the following modules:


Preparation: the cornerstone of every great talk

– Five principles for preparing strong content
– Inspiring introductions and compelling conclusions
– Authoritative storytelling for innovative companies


Presence: a powerful indication of how your talk will be received

– Understanding your personal brand (you have one, like it or not!)
– Being intentional about your verbal and non-verbal cues
– Overcoming nerves


Vocals: how to use your voice to best effect

– Ten tips for creating interest with your voice
– Three tools for practising your delivery
– Good microphone technique: physical talks vs online presentations


Visuals: a memory-maker for the audience, not a memory aid for you

– Creating digital visuals that enhance your words
– Using physical props to illustrate a talk
– Owning all aspects of a stage

This is a game changer! It’s not often that you get the opportunity to refine and enhance your skills in such a safe and supportive environment. I feel more self-confident and self-aware; for the first time in years I’m actually looking forward to communicating with an audience!

Interested? Here's how it works...

We’ll bring the workshop to you, tailoring the content to suit your training budget and the size of your team.

Simply use our pricing guide to select your ideal workshop length and number of attendees, then make a provisional booking or email us with any questions.

We guarantee creative, engaging and informed workshop delivery, within the parameters that work best for you.

Very informative and interactive; useful tools and strategies to take away.

The team's favourite session on our away day.

Excellent content and delivery. Very practical and encouraging.

Very topical and useful to everyone. Time went quickly!