Wired for Innovation:

Neurodiversity for competitive advantage

“We know new ideas come from diverse ways of seeing things,” according to Apple – not a bad role model in the innovation space.

And yet neurodiversity is often put into a box and sidelined, which is ironic when neurodivergent minds are some of the most out-of-the-box thinkers in the workplace.

Here at Cinnamon Letters, we have lived experience of neurodiversity – we are a neurodiverse team. We give talks and lead workshops for innovative companies who seek to leverage the benefits of neurodiversity for competitive advantage. We offer a new outlook on equity, diversity and inclusion, by considering what it really means to build a high-performing team that is neurodiverse.

We also offer in-house consultancy, should you require input that’s unique to your context.

Workshop content

Choose from the following modules:


Understanding the strengths and business benefits associated with neurodiversity

– Neurodiversity: what it means on paper and in practice
– Neurodivergent team members as natural innovators
– The business benefits of neurodivergent thinking


Developing communication strategies for high-performing neurodiverse teams

– Practical strategies for encouraging effective teamwork
– Specific scenarios that analyse points of difference
– Considerations for managers overseeing a neurodiverse team


Extending workplace inclusivity to cover neurodiversity

– The interplay between team culture and neurodiversity
– The role of language in fostering inclusivity
– Practical ways to create a productive work environment for all


Exploring best practice in recruitment and retention of neurodivergent colleagues

– What might the recruitment process look like?
– The disclosure dilemma
– Why neurodivergent team members leave, and why they stay

All workshops and talks are delivered by consultants with lived experience of neurodiversity.

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 Bespoke option

Add a team or company audit to draw out current strengths and weaknesses around neurodiversity in your workplace. The benefits are three-fold:

Nuanced insights

Employees can speak freely because all data is collected externally by our consultants and then anonymised
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Maximum ROI

We use your team's responses to plan your workshop content, ensuring that it's tailored specifically to your company’s needs
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Greater accountability

The data provides a benchmark against which you can assess the effectiveness of your neurodiversity strategy going forwards.
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Simply use our pricing guide to select your ideal workshop length and number of attendees, then make a provisional booking or email us with any questions.

We guarantee creative, engaging and informed workshop delivery, within the parameters that work best for you.

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