The Innovation -Consolidation Tightrope:

Keep your balance

To sustain growth over time, it’s necessary to balance the pursuit of new ideas with the development of those systems and processes that keep a company grounded.

Both elements are essential for success, but roles that focus on innovation tend to attract different personalities and contrasting skillsets to those that involve consolidation. This can generate friction and frustration. How do you integrate these different functions to create a team that pulls together to perform at a high level?

Our innovation-consolidation workshop offers communication insights, strategies and practical tools that will help you build a cohesive team that has depth as well as drive – positioning you for business success.

Workshop content

Choose from the following modules:


Acknowledging the balancing act

– Pursuing the best of both: innovation and consolidation
– Turning communication clashes into productive tension
– Using attentive listening to drive better outcomes


Establishing a clear focal point

– The importance of defining vision
– Connecting every employee to the big picture
– The relationship between pivoting and vision


Maintaining balance through change

– Is change an issue for companies focused on innovation?
– Communication strategies for effective change
– Reviewing the impact of change, internal and external


Practical techniques to maintain momentum

– Innovation and consolidation: mapping conflicting priorities
– How internal processes can help or hinder
– Evolving company culture to value contrasting roles

Vulnerability is the birthplace of innovation, creativity and change.

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