The Advantage Gradient:

Building a standout team using personal and social competencies

90% of top performers have a high EQ or emotional intelligence, which is a measure of their personal and social competence.

So, if you want to build a standout team, it makes sense either to hire people who already have a high EQ or to improve the skillset of your existing team members – because the good news is that a person’s emotional intelligence is not fixed: it can be developed.

Our workshop seeks to develop EQ awareness within the context of team communication, delivering practical insights and strategies that your team can immediately put into practice.

Workshop content


What is EQ and why is it more important for a team than IQ?

– Ignore EQ and halve your team’s probability of success
– Brain plasticity and its role in emotional intelligence
– The differing benefits of EQ and IQ


Unlocking personal competence: self-awareness and self-management

– The balance between expressing and regulating emotion
– What do high EQ responses typically look like?
– How to become more self-aware


Unlocking social competence: social awareness and relationship management

– A context for workplace interactions
– The challenge of identifying your own competencies
– Playing to your strengths and working on your weaknesses


Practical ways to raise your team’s cumulative EQ and build a standout team

– Creating emotionally intelligent norms for your team
– Building behaviours that support these norms
– Cultivating EQ awareness between your team and others

 Bespoke option

Add a team or company audit to draw out current strengths and weaknesses in your team communications. The benefits are three-fold:

Nuanced insights

Employees can speak freely because all data is collected externally by our consultants and then anonymised
Discuss bespoke

Maximum ROI

We use your team's responses to plan your workshop content, ensuring that it's tailored specifically to your company’s needs
Discuss bespoke

Greater accountability

The data provides a benchmark against which you can assess the effectiveness of future team communications
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