The Eureka Effect:

Communicating with the media and key stakeholders

From media and the general public to VCs and government stakeholders, there are a number of lay audiences whose opinions can have a disproportionate impact on the course of a project. So how do you get these audiences on side if they don’t understand the science or technology behind your work?

Communicating with simplicity is difficult to master, but the results are powerful. That’s because great communication is about much more than just conveying information: it’s about connecting with an audience.

Our workshop explores some of the communication tools that can enable you to make a positive connection with any audience.

Workshop content


Winning at media interviews

– Driving key messages home
– Handling difficult interviews: techniques, tips and traps
– Crisis management: understanding the basics


Leveraging panel interviews and post-talk Q&As to your advantage

– Anticipating angles: why preparation matters
– Steering the conversation towards your priorities
– Facing overbearing questioners with confidence


Streamlining pitch or presentation content for maximum impact

– Clarify your messaging: selling the ‘why’
– Seven strategies for simplification
– Using AI as a shortcut for content creation, pros and cons


Using social media to connect with your stakeholders

– Developing a strategy for cutting through the noise
– Weaving key messages into your content
– Monitoring more than just engagement

 Bespoke option

Use our in-house consultancy services to pursue the following areas in greater depth, with content that’s designed expressly for your organisation:

Media Training consultancy

We’ll put together a media training day specific to your organisation, equipping your media spokespeople through hands-on interview experience with personalised feedback, using company-specific scenarios tailored to suit your priorities or concerns.
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Pitch or Presentation consultancy

Recognising that a single successful pitch can change the trajectory of a company, we’ll work with you to refine the visual and verbal content of your next important pitch, as well as coaching your chosen presenter in its delivery.
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