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Communicating change in ways that energise your team

Good news! Change is a regular feature of the innovation landscape, so most teams working in this space are likely to be comfortable with the concept. But what happens in practice when the direction of change is unpopular or unexpected, or the pace of change causes friction?

Communicating change is both an art and a science, requiring creativity and strategic planning.

By taking time out to understand the elements involved, before specific change challenges arise, your senior leaders and team managers will be equipped to handle any bumps in the road.

We also offer in-house consultancy, should you require support in navigating a specific change management scenario.  

Workshop content


Developing a realistic narrative of change

– Moving beyond identikit models of change management
– Determining your top communication challenges and opportunities
– Beware the illusion of certainty: examining your expectations


Creating buy-in: putting people before process

– Recognising motivation vs ability
– Equipping your internal influencers
– Leveraging internal communications for maximum effect


Using the whispers to pivot your strategy

– Acknowledging adverse reactions: open communications
– Retaining flexibility in the process
– Responding to external indicators


Populating your change calendar

– Identifying your key landmarks
– Mapping out a timeline for engagement
– Best practice in measuring success

 Bespoke option

Add a team or company audit to draw out current strengths and weaknesses in communicating change. The benefits are three-fold:

Nuanced insights

Employees can speak freely because all data is collected externally by our consultants and then anonymised
Discuss bespoke

Maximum ROI

We use your team's responses to plan your workshop content, ensuring that it's tailored specifically to your company’s needs
Discuss bespoke

Greater accountability

The data provides a benchmark against which you can assess the effectiveness of future team communications
Discuss bespoke

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