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Using healthy team communication to maintain productivity

If one team member is close to burnout, the entire team operates under pressure. Overall functionality and productivity take a hit.

Our workshop recognises the importance of healthy communication in helping a team to thrive and avoid the effects of burnout.

We begin by taking a preventative look at the signs of physical and mental exhaustion, giving team members space to consider their individual circumstances and personal replenishment strategies.

We then raise awareness of the broader team context, encouraging discussion around the types of practical issues that can help or hinder when preventing burnout and maintaining productivity.

Workshop content

Choose from the following modules:


The science behind burnout and renewal

– Burnout in its occupational context
– The physical and mental indicators of burnout
– How stress impacts individual and team performance


The role of communication in burnout

– Why communication matters: the top five causes of burnout
– Practical communication strategies for burnout prevention
– When the solution becomes the problem: line managers under pressure


Individual reflections on renewal

– Running on empty? Energy vs time considerations
– Personal renewal in the workplace
– Personal renewal outside work


Cultural adaptations to minimise burnout

– Identifying low, medium and high-risk factors for your organisation
– Creating practical solutions to mitigate the risks
– Auditing burnout and renewal: an ongoing strategy

 Bespoke option

Add a team or company audit to draw out current strengths and weaknesses in this area. The benefits are three-fold:

Nuanced insights

Employees can speak freely because all data is collected externally by our consultants and then anonymised
Discuss bespoke

Maximum ROI

We use your team's responses to plan your workshop content, ensuring that it's tailored specifically to your company’s needs
Discuss bespoke

Greater accountability

The data provides a benchmark against which you can assess the effectiveness of future team communications
Discuss bespoke

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