Company DNA:

Creating a brand identity that reflects your innovation goals

You’re developing products or services that hold significant potential – but that isn’t enough. To cut through the competition and define your position in the market, your offering must be supported by a clear and confident company brand.

Much more than just a logo, the purpose and perceptions associated with your brand will influence stakeholder engagement and talent acquisition. And the authenticity with which your brand’s mission and values are communicated within your teams will impact company culture and your ability to retain top talent.

Our workshop considers how to be intentional about combining multiple aspects of brand identity to pack a punch.

Workshop content

Choose from the following modules:


Understanding brand identity vs brand image

– Internal elements that shape your company’s brand identity
– Ways in which external stakeholders perceive your brand
– What difference can a competitive brand strategy make?


Exploring the seven pillars of brand identity

– Subliminal messaging within your current logo, colour palette and typography
– The importance of a clear brand voice and tone
– A joined-up approach to brand slogan, values and visuals


Strengthening elements of your brand identity

– Development ‘time out’ to reflect on areas you perceive need a refresh
– Exercises to draw out specific improvements and options for change
– A practical plan for post-workshop implementation


Shaping your company culture through branding

– The benefits of maintaining an authentic brand identity
– Strategies for embedding brand identity throughout your organisation
– Focusing outwards: matching brand identity with brand image

 Bespoke option

Add a team or company audit to draw out current strengths and weaknesses in this area. The benefits are three-fold:

Nuanced insights

Employees can speak freely because all data is collected externally by our consultants and then anonymised
Discuss bespoke

Maximum ROI

We use your team's responses to plan your workshop content, ensuring that it's tailored specifically to your company’s needs
Discuss bespoke

Greater accountability

The data provides a benchmark against which you can assess the effectiveness of future team communications
Discuss bespoke

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