About Cinnamon

We’re a strategic consultancy, unlocking excellent communication for clients in the innovation space.

We add value through collaborative projects and insightful comms training as we partner with tech and life science teams, inspirational founders and forward-thinking companies. We operate in the UK and internationally.

People before tech

We’re happy to talk tech, but it’s the people behind the tech who matter most to us. 

Whether it’s helping founders pitch for investment, advising managers on brand reputation or empowering teams to drive innovation internally, we’re convinced that great communication makes the difference between success and failure in the innovation space.

You’ll find us working with enthusiasm at the junction where communication, innovation and strategy meet. And as creative communicators with analytical depth, thanks to our University of Cambridge education, we particularly thrive when solving complex communication challenges.

Company values

Community investment

We currently support UK charities that raise awareness of ADHD, a physiological trait behind the creative mindsets of Leonardo da Vinci, Albert Einstein and many innovators since.

Each year we gift 10% of profits to charity, reflecting our determination to show that business can be a powerful force for good. 

The art of communication is the language of leadership.