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Lead the conversation - because if you don't, someone else will. At Cinnamon Letters, we use integrity and excellence to help clients build their sphere of influence. If you have something to say, we'll make sure your voice is heard by the audiences that matter most. Whether the goal is to lead your sector, build your brand, manage your reputation, drive social change, or something else entirely - we're here to help you make it happen.

Raise your media profile and communicate effectively with your target audience, at national or regional level. Our strategic approach delivers results.


Cut through the noise by commissioning thought-leader pieces and other bespoke content to advance your brand strategy and values across multiple channels.


Take your presentation skills to the next level with our two-day masterclass, intensive half-day course or one-to-one coaching packages.

media relations

Influence the conversation at national or regional level with our strategic approach and thought-leader content. From brand awareness to reputation managment, stakeholder engagement and behavioural change, tap into our media expertise to achieve your goals.

Ask about our media interview training programmes.
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Anyone can create content, but our experience and expertise will help you stand out from the crowd.

presentation skills

Most leaders can deliver a competent presentation. We'll equip you to deliver one that's compelling.
"The art of communication is the language of leadership."

Inspirational leaders command the attention of the room. They give presentations that are memorable and relatable, both in content and execution.

We train leaders who want to stand out from the crowd and gain a reputation for excellence in communication and public speaking, leaders who value feedback as an essential tool for personal development.

Our immersive approach combines theoretical know-how with practical application and individual critique, within a small group or one-to-one setting.

  • Preparation
  • presence
  • vocals
  • visuals


  • Fast-track your skills with this two-day programme. Relevant for those who are relatively new to presenting, we’ll explore the fundamental principles involved in creating and delivering an outstanding presentation that will distinguish you from your peers.
  • For leaders who want to:
  • Pursue personal and professional growth • Create impact when delivering presentations • Understand how to lead the conversation • Assimilate the fundamentals of excellence in public speaking


  • Sign up for our dynamic two-day masterclass and explore the four pillars of public speaking: preparation, presence, vocals and visuals. Key insights and practical tools will transform your presentation skills and equip you to handle even the toughest Q&A. We deliver the two days of training several weeks apart, for maximum benefit.
  • For experienced leaders who want to:
  • Extend their influence and impact • Become outstanding communicators • Understand their personal communication style • Find strategies for standing out from the crowd


  • Talk to us about in-house training that's expressly tailored to meet the needs of your organisation. Or book our one-to-one coaching sessions ahead of a significant presentation or keynote speech.
  • For teams or individuals who want to:
  • Accelerate their growth in this critical area of leadership • Develop a reputation for excellence and authenticity • Receive in-depth feedback on specific priorities • Explore ways to distinguish themselves from their peers
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our team

Founder and CEO
Michelle Wilkins is a communications specialist who combines a strategic approach with creative flair. With years of experience in helping clients to build a strong media profile, she understands what it takes to lead the conversation, tackle tough questions and create thought-provoking content.
Gen Loaker
Gen Loaker
Communication Coach
Gen Loaker is a seasoned public speaker who brings depth and authenticity to every speaking engagement. She will teach you to become your best self in front of an audience – demonstrating how to build rapport, speak with clarity and ensure your presentation is the one people remember!
Claire Dunn
Claire Dunn
Office Manager
Known as the office sage, Claire Dunn brings a wealth of practical wisdom and administrative efficiency to the team.

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